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I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life. It’s awful. If I’m on my way to the store to buy a magazine, even, and somebody asks me where I’m going, I’m liable to say I’m going to the opera. It’s terrible.
J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (via observando)

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the year is 2040 you are still not superior for not listening to pop music

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Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They’re the ones who deserve special places in your heart.
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if i like u and u call someone else hot i will probably fall apart

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i hope manners is the next cool trend

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A bouquet of clumsy words: you know that place between sleep and awake where you’re still dreaming but it’s slowly slipping? I wish we could feel like that more often. I also wish I could click my fingers three times and be transported to anywhere I like. I wish that people didn’t always say ‘just wondering’ when you both know there was a real reason behind them asking. And I wish I could get lost in the stars.

Listen, there’s a hell of a good universe next door, let’s go.

E.E. Cummings (via wordsthat-speak)

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The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.
Tucker Max, Assholes Finish First (via loveisaseason)

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One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people.
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not for Sale (via loveisaseason)

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I think you need to fall in love with the wrong person. I think you need to fight and cry and sweat and bleed and fail. I think you need to have bad relationships and bad breakups. I think you need all of that so that when the right person and the right relationship comes along you can sigh with relief and say, “Ah yes. That is how it’s supposed to feel.”
Excerpt from “Conversations with my Mother” (via ashheapsandmillionaires)

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Shoutout to the females that compliment each other, that jealousy shit dead

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